How do I download the music?
Each piece has a sound cloud widget. There is a download button on the widget, which is an arrow. To download the piece, simply slick on the arrow, as shown below
Most of my music is in a wav file- this is the highest quality possible and can be easily converted for convenience.

Click on the arrow button to download a sound.

Is the music really free to use?
Yes! The music is placed under the Creative Commons: By Attribution license.

This means you are free to:
- to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work
- to make derivative works

So long as you:
- Give the original author (James Richardson) credit.

How can I help King James?
There is a suggested donation of £1 for each download to go towards the production, recording and composition costs of the site's material. Any donation would be most welcome, however small.

How do I credit you?
You must credit any work you have taken, even if you have edited it.
Please quote the name of the sound and the composer (James Richardson) where it is clearly visible.
Please quote the blog site in any paper work or site where you upload your work, such as YouTube.
The music is free based on condition the very small condition that you credit me, so please do as you will be supporting my work.

You can credit in the following format:
'Insert tile' by James Richardson(kingjamesroyaltyfreemusic.blogspot.co.uk)

And If you need to provide specific information about the licensing, you can add:
Licensed under Creative Commons:
By Attribution 3.0

Can I give you specific material to compose for?
I would be more than happy to compose for specific material.
To see some examples of when I have composed for specific footage or material, see 'Example Work'.
For more information simply email jamesrichardson336@gmail.com

Can I edit your Music?
Yes, you can shorten the music, combine pieces, etc but be sure to credit all the pieces you use.

Unanswered Questions? Don't hesitate to contact me